Using Multiple For Each toLoops to obtain a value

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I had a body of text in a string variable. I need to see if that variable contains a word found in column A, ‘Category’ - so if the word ‘ESAP’ is found, I create a folder of that name and end the activity. However if no word is found in Column A, I need to look in Column B ‘Category Keyword’. If a word is found there, I need to create a folder of the category name in Column A e.g if the word ‘IE Approval’ is found in Column B (Row 5), I would need to create a folder called ‘Payment cert’ (value from Column A). All the values in column B will be separated by a comma.

I think I can see how if a value is found in column A would work, I’m not sure how to deal with if a value is found in column B, how I would relate it back to the word in Column A

Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @jordrowley

Check the attachment for your reference

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You can use linq statement to match, this will replace placing multiple foreach
sample Linq Code :

YourDatatable.AsEnumerable().Any(Function(x) x("Category").ToString.ToUpper.Contains(YourVariable.ToString))

This will return a Boolean Value

So you can place the logic

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Hey @Srini84 sorry for the late reply. This looks really, really good. I’m having a go with it now.

Please can I ask one question. This looks like it would work for the ‘Category’ column, would I get it to move on to the ‘Category Keyword’ column?

Thanks so much


Place a IF condition and check, If this false, the place another If condition this time change the statement as below

YourDatatable.AsEnumerable().Any(Function(x) x("Category Keyword").ToString.ToUpper.Contains(YourVariable.ToString))

So this will give the same result

Hope this is clear

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Hey @Srini84 it helps loads - it’s brilliant

Have one last cheeky question if it’s possible. So if it finds the ‘identifier’ in this example ‘Red’ is there a line of code that will tell me what the associated Category is - in this example that would be ‘Colours’ - I would then get the process to create a folder called ‘Colours’ (the folder name always has to be the name of the Category, not the name of the Identifiers)

Thanks for all of your help,

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