Using local config file in attended bot

I have 8 bots in prod for generating reports. After the report is scrapped from a web application, certain names have to be filtered out then send the final report as email content.
The names to be filtered out change constantly then the client will submit a change request to update the bots. In order to reduce these change requests, I decided to use a local configuration file in a specified directory to store the names.
My doubt is, will the bots read from the local configuration file at the specified directory after deployment to Robot Tray?
The bots are run from the robot tray/ Desktop agent. No Orchestrator integration.


Robot can read local file even if it’s deployed as package(nupkg).
Please note that xaml file will be extract under C:\Users\[username]\.nuget\packages\[packagename]\[version] and working directory will be it. So it’s mostly better to use not relative path but absolute path.


Hello @dari_donkuro

Yes, it will work for sure. Make sure you use the Absolute path of the config file, so that there will not be any issues.


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