Using If Statements within an Excel Datatable

Hello everyone,

I have a pretty interesting problem I’m working through. On this issue, I have an excel data table with a series of names and other fields. There is an empty column called “Gross Approval Limit” that needs to be filled with an amount. I am attaching a sample of this data table below.
Sample DT.xlsx (9.5 KB)

That empty column needs to be filled with a number out of a PDF, I am pasting a sample of two of these PDF’s below.
Daniel_Craig.pdf (123.6 KB) Pierce_Brosnan.pdf (87.9 KB)

So the robot would need to open the excel file (with an excel application scope I presume), and for each row, look at the empty gross approval limit, open the corresponding PDF document to the Name listed on the document, screen scrape to OCR the number for the Gross Approval D&O, and import that number into the excel document row.

Does anyone know how this could be done?

Do you know if the Get PDF Text activity would work for the format of the PDF files you are using? I have had to do something similar before. I built a PDF form that does data validation using Javascript and submits itself by email through a button in the PDF file. Then we had to pull the data and use it to perform a function. If you are able to read the full text of the PDF file and it has a standard formatting then it becomes a simple text manipulation or regex search to pull the data you need.

No, unfortunately, it will have to be scanned via OCR.

I’ve been working on this problem and I believe the best thing to do would be use the Screen Scraping tool with Tesseract OCR. In the previous panel, I get the correct number but when I output that to a variable and view that variable in a log message, I get this instead: