Using If activity ( with date / in-transactionitem

In a IF-activity in want to compare a date in de future or past with de present (today).
in excel it is possible with =today(), but how can I do the same in the IF-activity?

In a IF-activity I want to use the OR function.
In want to use in-transactionItems for it.
For example:
in-transactionitem(“DT_ColummA”).toString =“Yes” or in_transactionItem(“DT_ColummB”).
toString=“Yes”. Can somebody tell me how I can get it work?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Sorry, I don’t understand your problem. Your question is about IF statament?
Did you take a look at this documentation?

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Hi @Marcelino,

From what I understood, you are asking two questions…

  1. is about the date
    For the date, you have an option to get the current date. DateTime.Now
    in the IF activity, you can compare by using below
    DateTimeVariable < DateTime.Now or visa versa

  2. I did not understand the exact question here… What exactly are you trying to do here using the OR function?

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First I want to thank you for your response in respect DateTimeVariable

In respect to my second question I’ll try to be more specific:
I have 2 in_transactionitems.
In my first Assign Activity I wrote: in_transactionItem(“Variable1”) =“Yes”
In my second Assign I wrote: in_transactionitem(“Varible 2”) = “Yes”
In a If activity I want to if de first the second Variable =“Yes” then a assign ( “Variable” = “True”)
otherwhise (false) will be else (Throw-activity).
My question is: how most I write it in the condition field?
First I thought: in_transactionItem(“Variable1”) =“Yes” or in_transactionitem(“Varible 2”) = “Yes”. That didn’t work. I also tried other options but those didn’t work neither.
I hope you can help me solve it.

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Hi @Marcelino ,

Sorry for my late response. Your IF statement should work. Or else, you can have two assign activities to assign the values you get from in_transactionitem to two variables.

Then in the IF conditon give it as
Variable1 = “yes” OR Variable2 = “yes”

If that doesnt work, try debugging option and see what values you get from the two assign activities… that will help figure out where its going wrong…

Let know if it doesn’t work for you…

Can you share a screenshot of your If activity?
Would like to see how you have implemented to point of if any change is required.

Hi @Marcelino,

I think this link could be useful for you :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Sorry for a late response.

I built this robot, and I hope that this can help you.

Boolean-IF-Throw.xaml (6.4 KB)