Using IDX in selector

In a table where I am getting only idx attribute in selector different for each row (incrementing for each row), should I use a counter variable for this idx? Note that data scrapping is NOT working.

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@Pankit If there is a possibility of using an anchor provides a more stable selector than an idx, you can then check the counter variable to be iterate for that selector.

If there is no other attribute that can define the position of the row, and if IDX is the sole attribute and if it is validated for multiple times the web page is loaded or for a different data, Then we can consider the idx attribute as part of the selector.

Hi @Pankit

Did u check whether there any other elements related to row no or something to detect the row numbers?

Yes. Nothing related to row count. IDX is the only one incrementing. Is it a good idea to use it?

U can try with the idx

For some cases it may not find as relaible

If idx value is increasing sequencially with row in datatable

U can try by incrementing idx

I am unable to indicate Anchors. No row related attribute as well. Page is loaded just once and this table has only IDX attribute that is incrementing. Good idea to use IDX then?

@Pankit Yes. You can use it. But please make sure to test with different data being loaded or testing it with multiple reloads, So that we can confirm for all data the IDX will be in a sequential order.