Using Global Exception Handler within REFramework

Hi All,

I tried using Global Exception Handler in a project for which I used the REFramework and I noticed that the GE-Handler is catching and retrying the “Throw BRE’s” I had set up at some points in the process. So my question to you good folks is: "How can I configure the GE-Handler from catching my custom BRE’s?


Hello @afe.araromi

You can always check the type of the error inside the GE handler. “Error” is the argument of exception type as I remember.

So you can add a if activity to check the exception type and omit retrying for business rule exception.


Inside this if activity you can have your retries mentioned

Hope it helps

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

Thanks for the help.

Like you suggested, I added an IF activity and use the following as the condition…
and was able to employ the GEH to treat everything that is not BRE.

Once again, thanks.

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