Using Get Text

I’m using “Get Text” to control the results of the query.
For example I expect as result the string “1 of 1 results”. So I’m using the “Get Text” command to get the string of result and using the if/else I manage the results of expression "resultOfGetText.Equals(“1 of 1 result”).

But if the results of my query is “0 of 1 results” or “2 of 1 results”, for example, i expect that the bot using the instructions contained in the Else but it does not happen.

Why? I think to “Get Text” command memorize the first string, “1 of 1 …” and fail to find your way if you don’t find it.


Buddy @lucio_fortunato
Its strange buddy, if the GetText result in 0 of 1 results and you have if condition with gettextresult equals 1 of 1 results, then it should go for else partonly, i think there is some issue with gettext activity…trying to give the same result everytime…can i have a view on the xaml if possible. that could easily resolve this buddy @lucio_fortunato


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Thanks you Palaniyappan.

I have solved my problem. I haven’t know to Get Text it worked.

But now my loop work very good.

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Thats great
Kindly close this topic buddy, with right comment marked as solution that could help others looking for ideas under your topic buddy
Cheers @lucio_fortunato