Using Get Text to read text with new line

Hi Guys,

I am using the Get Text activity to read text from a text box in one of the Powerapps application. On Powerapps, the text value comes with new line

Ex: Item Code:123
Item Description:Laptop

When I use a string variable and use it in Type Into activity, the value comes like,
“Item Code:123Item Description:Laptop”

Is there a way that I can read value from Powerapps with new line?


@Asiri yessir you would split by environment.newline I believe. And then use the second instance in the new array.

You can add vbCrLf if you need to separate values in separate lines.
Ex. item1+vbCrLf+item2

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There is no newline read by the GetText activity.So split by environment.newline doesn’t work here.

@Asiri item1+Evnironment.NewLine+item2

Is there any activity that will also output the new line character as well? Get Text only read the text without the new line and Get full text did the same.Any other screen scrapping activities that I should try? If it returns the new line, then I can use environment.newline to split the string.

New line in Get Text is represented by vbLf. Try to replace it with something to test it.
Ex. myGetTextString.Replace(vbLf,"@")