Using Get Text to copy text from a HTML doc to Gmail


I am creating a simple bot to compose a new Gmail message and copy in text from an HTML document. A few questions:

  • Would the Get Text activity be the best function to use for this situation?

  • If so, in using the Get Text activity, how do you reference the HTML document (in order to indicate the file path)? i.e. (in the Element field, Selector field?)

  • If I wanted to copy in text from a Word document (instead of an HTML document) is there a way to copy the text including hyperlinks and formatting? (I tried using the Word Application Scope activity but it did not carry over the links and formatting.)

You can try send hot keys activity.

For word document -

Ctrl + A - to select all text (Activate word document)
Ctrl + C - for copying text from word
Ctrl + V - for pasting text into Email message (Activate Email message window before pasting)

For web pages, use get text activity to get all the information required to write into email message. You have to use recording functionality in Studio to point out to the required elements and access the information.

Karthik Byggari