Using Get Outlook Mail Message activity on VDI

Right now, I have a VDI that mimics my own laptop. I’m running an automation that gets an unread email from a subfolder as the first activity of that automation. My logging showed I had zero unread emails even though looking at my laptop, I saw it was there. So it appears my outlook on my vdi is not updating to the most accurate email that reflects on my laptop. If I open the vdi manually to update my inboxes, I can run the automation successfully after. Is there anything I can do in the automation to get the inbox and subfolders updated before the automation checks for the unread email?


Set Outlook as startup app on your bot machine this will open Outlook and load the new emails before bot uses Get Outlook Mail Message.

Also you can add retry logic to check new emails once again in case of no new emails found. Add delay around 10-20 seconds before retry.

This should be sufficient.

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Hi @chris.dease

I think you are using the Outlook activities to read the mails in your outlook like Get Outlook Mail Message activity. As you said it might take few minutes to updating the mails in vdi outlook.

To overcome this issue I suggest you to use the Get IMAP Mail Message activity it will not linked to your vdi outlook account it directly use the IMAP server to read the mails. Then you are able to read the uptodate mails in your outlook.

Hope it helps!!

would i put the get outlook mail message inside the retry scope?


Yes, Try this way.

Sample code:
Email Retry Scope.xaml (8.8 KB)

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