Using Excel to process a list of files


I am trying to process some excel files in a list I have generated.

I have created some click activities in excel but they are referenced to specific excel files.

Can anyone tell me how I can process these files by

  1. Opening each of my excel files in the list (via an “For each loop”) and processing the excel files., or

  2. Replace the filename with a variable I can populate

Thanks, Alvin

Hi @Alvin_Toh
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Replace the title value with * it will work for all excel you want to work with


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you don’t need to replace the file name, just use for each and excel application scope.

Thanks…I cant use Excel App scope as I am using excel with addin.

Excel app scope deactivates addin.

Cheers, Alvin

Thanks @Ajju.

I will try that once I get robot to run…my trial licence