Using Entity Database Without API Calls

Hello. I have a question regarding the usage of data service entities. Today, I have crossed the 1000 daily quota limit when fetching data from my web app. Obviously, this is not gonna work for long as I still haven’t invited any users yet and these are already bad signs. I utilize many dynamic variables that require the querying of the database all the time, whether to populate dropdown lists upon app launch or when during user event triggers. So, I was thinking, if I create a process in Studio, then query this data and send it as an output to the app after of course publishing it to Orchestrator, then would it still be counting API calls if done from Studio? My goal is to not interfere with any API calls whatsoever. If that’s not the case, then what is suggested as an alternative? Using excel or SQL SMS is not an option as the runtime user will require the user to have the desktop programs installed which I I obviously don’t want. Any suggestions is much appreciated. Thanks.

@private_matter - Can you share any documentation/reference on the 1000 daily quota limit? I have not experienced this myself and the only reference I saw was this:


Are you seeing an error message that it’s a daily quota limit issue?


@argin.lerit Yes there’s a limit which is super low for community users which makes the usage of an app pretty useless for opening it public.

Here’s the official documentation:

You can also add only 330 records per day. So if you have 1K records or more, that will take you several days to upload them all.

Here’s a screenshot of the errors I get upon app launch:


This is purposely made so that they can force you to subscribe to their Pro plan which starts at $420 / month. Absolutely not in everybody’s budget.

@private_matter - Thank you for sharing and for the link.

@argin.lerit You’re most welcome.

Just made a test today to query a single column value from Studio by looping it 1000 times and after 5 minutes, when it reached on the 989 loop, it stopped with the error popping up. I had the app open a few times which is why it did not reach the 1000. That’s an absolute disaster. Using an external application with their OpenAPI will have the same limitations. So, if anybody can shed a light on what other alternative cloud databases can be queried in the background, that would be great. My project has now been completely put to a halt due to this very issue and I cannot continue.