Using Document Understanding Models outside of UiPath Studio


I was wondering if some of the features found in Document Understanding/AI Center can be used in a C#/python script rather than on UiPath Studio. For example, using the out-of-box model by making an API call in my script, again, not using UiPath Studio.

Thanks in advance for any help.

@ricardo.aparicio Document Understanding/ Ai Center are the Uipath products and can be able to work through UiPath Studio or UiPath Orchestrator. I guess currently there is no such option to access these products from any other scripts or APIs

Thank you for information @ushu.
I see that you can download the ML Package from AI Center and it give you a folder with some python scrips among others. Do you know where I can get some information regarding this? Seems this might be a way to incorporate a ML Model into my scripts.