Using "Delete All Unused"

Just now,I create a “workbookApplication” type variable.And I use “workbookApplication .getSheets(‘index’)” to get the sheet name.It is useful.But if I use “Delete All Unused” , it will delete the namespace “System.Linq”.Then this function(“workbookApplication .getSheets(0)”) throw an error about " Cannot index “System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(Of String)” because it has no default properties".
I do not know it is a bug or not,maybe just my error.But ,if anybody know that ,tell me.

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Can you share your workflow if possible then its little bit easy for me to help you
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In the “Import” panel,use delete all unused.
After that.

And my version
Sequence.xaml (4.7 KB)

Sorry late for reply,just look at those pictures,and there is my example

Thanks for this
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Hi @maxzz

It looks like this namespace System.Linq is required for these methods to work. Is there a reason you want to delete it?

To continue tracing the theme. This bug was fixed in Studio version 20.10.4.

However, in the latest versions of UiPath, this option is no longer available.

Delete All Unused not available in v21.10.5

Delete All Unused available in v20.10.4

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