Using datatable to transport complex structures

Hey all,
as usual with an easy one. I’ve built a datatable that contains strings, a list (of string) and a datatable in order to transport an entire datagroup from one workflow to the other through arguments.
When I want to extract the list or the datatable, I can’t seem to find a way. I tried direct access through datatable.rows(row).Item(“list”).Item(“col1”). etc
I also tried assign lstMaterials = row.Item(“list”)
First one doesn’t allow me to continue further into list once I reached the datatable col Item.
Second one says conversion from object to list (of string) is not possible (even though the list is declared and populated as such in the datatable.)
Is this possible? Do I have to find another way to bundle my data?

Please please please, you experts out there, help me out here

Cheers and thanks

Right. So the answer is f.e. Trycast(row.Item(“list”), List (of String))
And this works with DataTables as well.
Just putting it out there for the next madman who tries this.


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