Using contains for a string on a website

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I am uploading some documents to a site and sometimes when it uploads it gets the error message that it has not been uploaded. When this happens I want the bot to send an email to the point of contact for this and then if not it will send a success email. I was using the contains function but I am not sure how to point to this on a website. I do not think my if statement knows where I am going to pull this text from. Should I use an ‘in’ argument.

If you need more information this please let me know.

You could use a pick and pick branch activity(ies), in one branch use the find element activity and point it to the “upload success” message on the website and action would be success email. In the other branch, again use find element activity and indicate the “error message” on the website, in tandem with email to inform the failed upload.

Hope this helps.

hi, @ angelamb13

Use element existe–> boolean to see if doc its upoaded and get true or false and:

(EX: if the doc is uploaded will be ther if not will be empty or with some web info)

IF True
Send Email Sucesse

IF False
“send an email to the point of contact for this”

I do not think that I can do it that way. When I upload it gets the message “Upload has failed”. With this I wanted to use the function contains(“upload has failed”), but I am not sure how to use a variable or argument to point to this.

So use the “Upload has failed” in Exlement exist

and you will now that if the its true your upload fail else send sucess

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