Using Collection or List to store values of a row in a table

Hello, I would like some help.

Robot is reading a table in excel, first I have a “for each”, in which it reads a column (Value) and checks if the sum of that column is equal to a variable that I have in the receipt map. However, when going through this column, it already stores the reference values ​​of the receipt and proceeds to the next line and so on until the sum value is equal.

My problem is that I don’t want to write the values ​​stored on another sheet and use another condition to reread, store again, to make the settlement, of receipts that have the sum equal to that of the Map. However, I want to store these values ​​in a collection, list, etc. And use a “for each” only in that collection or list. It is possible?

Hi @lourena.coutinho

if possible then plz share dummy excel input and also what output you want in excel format.

Have a great day