Using Click Text activity in a loop


I am using Click Text activity in “do while” loop to select “edit” button of a menubar as below.


But because of program interface, the window name of the program changes in every loop and as a result, RPA detects edit button for first loop but it doesn’t detect edit button for other loops. Can I make this window name variable?

Or is there a way to solve this problem?


Check as below

You can place as 'SEE Electrical Expert *'

Replace the text changing with *

This will work dynamically even the underlined text changes

Hope this helps you


Thank you so much, I waste an hour to fix that and I couldn’t :sweat_smile:

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Glad i helped you

You can follow MyChannel for more on UiPath

Happy Automation

I subscribed your channel. I want to apply same solution to click image activity too but I can’t find UI Explorer for this activity.


Thanks for Subscription

Click Image don’t have the selectors

If you get selectors better to avoid the Image automation

I think it clears you


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