Using Argument in Open Application for Outlook

I am trying to open Outlook using argument for the profile so I can define the profile in my config file. I can’t seem to find the correct syntax to make this work.

Anyone done this before? Thanks

Did you try the below syntax?


Yes but I want to have “My Profile” in an argument like in_EmailProfile

This should work.

Closer, I am getting profile name not valid. I know that it is so maybe something with the “” not being quite right?

Can you try below syntax?
“OUTLOOK.EXE /profile " + “””" + in_EmailProfile + “”“”

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It didn’t like that syntax. For the in_EmailProfile value I have EmailProfile in config with a value of without it being a hyperlink.

I don’t have any issues using email ID, it works fine.
Are you able to open outlook for that profile via Run command?


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If I put the whole thing like this in the config, it will work passing it all within the argument. Maybe I just need to do that?

OUTLOOK.EXE /profile “