Using App Variables in a process

I’m creating an app in UI Path App studio, I have two fields Name and Email. I want these values to be used in a process. I guess it has something to do with Passing Arguments. Im not sure how ? Can you please help me ?
I have a Email Field, Full Name Field and a Send button. The idea is when send button is clicked, a process that I published and added to the app has to start unattended and the values of Full Name and Email should be used in that process. Can Anyone help me how to achieve this ?

Hi @bhaskar

I think one of the solutions you can try is to send the data from the app as a Queue Item to a Queue of the proceess. The fields can be passed as Specific Content of each Queue Item.

So your robot can grab the Queue item fields and processs the information normally.

Hope it helps!

Hello @bhaskar ,

Are you trying to pass current logged in user value?

yeah, im trying to pass the value changed property of the text field control. I figured it out. we just have to add set value rule in the events section and pass the arguments of the process.

Thanks for the Response though.

Hi @bhaskar
This video helps you with the simulation of your scenario. Just ignore the attended portion of video.
Rest aligns with your requirement.
Hope this helps for better understanding

Thank You Harika. Appreciate that.

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