Using API for reading Robot Logs

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Is it any way we can reading robot logs via API?

yes, you can use swagger/ [RobotLogs] method, to access RobotLogs through API Calls

Is there any documentation for it?

Hi @hadi2002

Of course, see here: :slight_smile:

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Thanks @loginerror

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Hi @loginerror and @sankar.kuna ,

I receive a 500 Error when using the [odata/RobotLogs] API with an organizational unit ID.
Other APIs such as [odata/Jobs] work fine and deliver results. I use an admin user for all requests having the respective permissions.

The RobotLogs API works fine when using the community edition (w/o organizational units).

Is there any known issue with organizational units for this endpoint or is there anything that needs to enabled?

Hi @loginerror, @sankar.kuna ,

a follow-up question to the previous one:
Could it be that filtering at the Robot Log API does only work for “RobotName”, but not for other fields such as “ProcessName”, “Level”, “TimeStamp”, etc.?

Appreciate your help!

Hi @Johannes.M
Have you found any solution for filtering on the basis of TimeStamp,Level and ProcessName
Please suggest

Gopal Tewari

Refer …



GET requests for Robot logs stored using Elasticsearch only retrieve the first 10000 entries. This is due to an Elasticsearch limitation, and it does not occur if you are using SQL.
Using $top and $skip parameters which go beyond the 10000 limit returns the following error message: Depth of pagination is limited in Elasticsearch by the max_result_window index setting. Make sure skip + take is lower than 10000.

Only the following condition-verb combinations are supported when parameterizing requests for Robot logs stored using Elasticsearch: RobotName eq , JobKey eq , MachineId eq , Level ge , TimeStamp gt .

Is there any way around this pagination problem? I assume I am going to have to chain some filters together, e.g. splitting out dates. Its very annoying to be limited to 10,000!

Sorry - I do not know of one.

Posted some code here

Global Logs of Jobs for more than 30 - Help / Orchestrator - UiPath Community Forum

…that also takes care of greater than 10000 logs per job [but not tested for 20000+]