Using an if loop when automating inputting data from Excel table into a website

Hello! I am currently trying to input updated supplier data into a website. Currently what I am trying to do is if the address section is blank for a supplier, move on to the next item, otherwise fill out the address in the excel file and delete the secondary address line that is right below it. I am trying to do this in an if loop shown in the image below:

however it is giving me an error. Is there a way of making this automation work with this condition?

@Hisuhong What is the error you’re receiving?

Rows(7) and row(7) are different things :wink:

  1. What kind of error? can you try running it in debug mode?
  2. try using get attribute activity, then your if else will be if = “” then… else…

i am not sure about your specific error, but judging by the looks it is your condition that is faulted, maybe you can try point 2, else help us by doing point 1 and send results here. :slight_smile:

@Hisuhong did you figure this out?

Hello @Hisuhong

Instead of using Row(7) use ContactInfo.rows(7).toString

Happy Automation

Yeah, I realized it should have been row(7). I changed it to row(7) and it works perfectly!
Thank you all for you comments!!! :smiley:

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