Using AI fabric Data Manager with multiple page invoices

I have started working in the Data Manager to try to train a new model based on the invoice model. I have run into issues with any document that is more than one page where the Data Manager sees each page as its own invoice. The fields do not carry over for each page. I cannot find anything in the documentation about this. Is it recommended to train only with single page invoices (documents) or is there some setting to change this?

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I’m having other issue installing the data manager and seems that you succesfully installed ans used it, if you can help me you would save my life, when I’m trying to install data manager I can’t access to the registry and I’m trying to insert the Docker credentials and my azure credentialsv in this part:

docker login -u -p

how did you pass this ?

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You need to get those credentials from your sales rep.


similar issue did you find any solution for multi page invoices

No, I have begun just deleting any multipage invoices from the training sets. I don’t see any solution possible unless the first page has all the values needed to train.

Thanks Mike, i suppose if multipage do have the options of invoice number and is continued we can choose predict in data manager that allows us to get the fields and continue