Using a variable to reference the header of a Data Table


Refer to attachment

For each row, I want to read cell which output “Qtr”. Then use “Qtr” as the header name in Write Cell.
But in the Range, the following doesn’t work:

Thank you

@Anonymous2 I don’t think you’re using it in the right way :sweat_smile: The Range Value what we would need to put is the Reference Range that is present in the Excel Sheet i.e A1, B1, A10, B10 etc. Not the Column Name, as I think you’re using it in that way.


Thanks for the reply. Then is there a workaround?

@Anonymous2 Can you tell us what exactly you want to do with an Input data and Expected output that you need?

Check this below image, @Anonymous2

Since in uipath when you read a excel file it consider all the first row as Header which will be A1,B1,C1…, so as I used E1 in write cell.


Hi All

Thank you for the replies! I found a workaround by finding the Column letter in Excel, and inputting into a cell.

I then use Uipath to read the cell content to find the Column letter.

Thank you

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