Uses of different tabs in a config file?

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Can anyone please explain what are the specific use of each tab of a config file ? Like it contains Settings, Constants and Assets tabs.

As far as I know Constants tab contains the parameters which are constant in any environment. Assets tab contains parameters which change in different environment.

What should we keep in Settings tab ?

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• Settings: Configuration values to be used throughout the project and that usually depend on the environment being used. For example, names of queues, folder paths or URLs for web systems.
• Constants: Values that are supposed to be the same across all deployments of the workflow. For example, department name or bank name to be input in a certain screen.
• Assets: Values defined as assets in Orchestrator.

You can read more on REFramework Documentation-EN.pdf (1.1 MB)

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Thanks @RobertD!

As you mentioned URLs, Folder Paths they can be stored as assets right ? Why shall we put in Settings tab ?