Users can only log in with Firefox and HTTP2 disabled?

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We recently upgraded our single server Orchestrator to 21.10 (from 2020.10), but users who are not in the network cannot log into the Orchestrator unless they are using Firefox version less than 100 and only if they disable the network.http.http2.enabled.http2 in Firefox’s about:config. No one can login via any other browsers. (They could login fine before upgrade)

What issues does this hold? Does anyone have some insight to what might be causing this? As ideally we would want to login to orchestrator with any browser.
I still think it has to do with the certificates but not sure.
The error message we were getting with other browsers was “Inadequate transport security”.

All the help and insight is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hey @Barry_Sturgeon1

This seems to be due to HTTP2 binding disabled from server side I guess.

Just sharing few links, which may help you…


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