Users and Roles tabs are missing; also no Triggers button

I’m trying to schedule a process to occur once each week, but all of the tutorials I have watched mention creating an unattended robot under Users and going to “Triggers” under the “Automation” tab. I have none of these capabilities in my DefaultTenant.

How can I get the Users and Roles tabs and the Triggers button to appear?


Hi @Joe.Matuch,

Roles, you would find under tenant->manage access tab as shown below:

Users you will find under Admin->users and groups as shown below:

And triggers you are not able to see because you are under ‘My workspace’. You will be able to see triggers in any folders you have created but not in workspace.
Personal workspace resources as shown below:

So to have triggers functionality, create folder and have your automation deployed there to set trigger on same.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks, @sonaliaggarwal47 , that answers most of my questions. However, I still do not see how to add a user. I can only “Invite Users.”

Hi @Joe.Matuch,

That’s how users are added in here :slight_smile: just a different terminology.

Link below for your reference:

Screenshot from the above link:


Okay, I think I misunderstood what I needed to do. I needed to go through the process from this point on in the video to create my robot. I didn’t need to create a user to create the robot.


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