UserName is not usefull at assing a user to folder

We connect orchestrator with our Active Directory.
Now its very good supported to add a user from AD.
But in our case the users get UserName like “u4124123@dac”
In the case I like to add the user to folder I see only these UserNames. It would be better if I can the the emailadress to.


  1. Add user from AD

  2. Search User in AD
    (Click on Add)

  3. Switch to folder to add a user to a folder:
    (As you can see there I see only the personal number. To see name and surname would be more helpfull)
    On the users page this is the case:

  4. Assign User to folder:
    I can only add the user in the case I know the personal nummer. Search according name and surname would be better

Hi @Stephu

Could you elaborate a bit on your use case?

Maybe with some example screenshots?


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Hi @Stephu

Would you also mind contacting our technical support to see if it can be partially remedied already. I was informed that the list should display user emails if the AD integration is properly configured.

Hi @loginerror
Thanks for your answer. The plan is to integrate to orchestrator on cloud at the beginning of next year. So I wait until this migration.

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