Username is not declared

I have been trying to pass username as a value to an argument, but it keeps showing an error username is not declared, it may be inaccessible due to it’s protection level. Please your suggestion is welcomed


Could you please attach the screenshot or your workflow?


That’s the screenshot, thanks

Hi @stanstilo,

In your screenshot, the username should be a variable of this workflow. Please check this variable’s scope first, is it available in this try --catch activity?


Sorry, I missed one thing. In your screenshot, the red error in the output window also shows that you need to install Uipath credential activity

I have searched for it in the package manager but it could not be found, what should I do?

Just search as below:

Thanks, I have seen the package, you’re awesome

Pls one more thing, I tried installing uipath for my friend earlier today and to my surprise couldn’t find the recorder and data scraping tool on the design tag (windows 10). Do you know of any possible cause?

Hi @stanstilo

To solve the issue of missing tools on the ribbion, please remove the packages from this folder and restart your Studio:

It should work :slight_smile:


Hi @loginerror, I created an argument and passed a value to it, I got an error that it has not been declared so I created a variable with the same name but it’s still displaying the error not declared.Please what should I do?

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