User wise insert a empty Row in Excel file

How to insert a empty row after every new user it’s not particular row ascending. …

You could go like:

  1. Read Range
    1.1 Sort with Sort Data Table
  2. Create variable varName as string = “”
  3. For Each Row
    3.1 IF (varName <> “” And varName <> row(2).ToString)
    3.2 Add Row (empty)
  4. Write Range

Hi @ARahman

You can use use a read range to read the excel into a datatable first.

Next, inside a for each row activity, use a variable to hold the name value of the current row using an assign activity.

Now, above the assign activity, use a if condition to check whether the current row name is equal to the value on the variable we used. Why I said to place this condition before the assign is because otherwise the value of the variable will also be replaced with the new one.

Now.declare another datatable variable and close the structure of the datatable used for read range

NewDT = ExcelDT.clone()

Now in the if activity, use add data row activities to add the rows to the new datatable. Use it in both then and else segments of the activity

And based on the condition of the if condition, if the values are equal with the variable, then include additional add data row activity with blank data

Finally you can write it into the excel file again using write range…

Got the idea?

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