User System Administrator not found in list of users

Orchestrator 2020.10.4

We have found an action being performed by user “System Administrator” in the orchestrator audit logs but we do NOT see this user listed on the User Page.

Is “System Administrator” a default account? If so how can I access? How is it possible to not have it listed on the user page?

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Hi @kellysea,

Could this user be one of the maintenance and infrastructure users? Have you talked to your system administrator?


Hi @kellysea
I hope this is on perm ,

There is no any default name as “System Administrator”
Orchestrator default admin name is “admin”

If you see user name as “System Administrator” means that custom creation form your admin

Thank you Maneesha and Muhammed for the replies.

I’ve uploaded a screen grab so you can see a visual. Very strange that I can see the audit action by the user “System Administrator” but the user is not available when I select the user filter. Also as noted the account does not display in the list of users on the user admin screen.

I am going to start digging through the Uipath internal tables.

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Can u confirm this is on-perm hosted ?

if yes , this is definitely created by custom , We can find those form internal logs if this is hosted by on-perm ,

Its cannot be done though this forum , contact me if need like if you are in such a critical or security incident to find out who there is , I may can help you

We have determined that this is an internal UiPath account. When a trigger fails 25 consecutive times, it is automatically being disabled. When disabled we see the following in the logs

  • Component: Triggers
  • Action: Deactivate
  • Operation: User System Administrator deactivated trigger

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