User rights - Read only access to Triggers & Logs


I am trying to add read rights to a new user who needs read only rights to the orchestrator environment.
I have currently added the following memberships for the user: Everyone, Automation User, Citizen Developer.

It appears that the user still lacks the ability to access Logs & Triggers.
What would be the correct way to add access to these areas without making the user an administrator?

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To provide permission for each role and user in UiPath Orchestrator, you can go to Tenant > Manage Access.

On the Roles tab, you can view and edit the permissions for each role. On the Users tab, you can view and edit the roles assigned to each user.

This doc, and the following pages, describe:

  • how to manage roles
  • how to manage automation capabilities, which are configured as part of role setup.

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Please create roles that you need as per the access you need.

Always its better to create the roles as you need…specifically you need view on logs and triggers…which can be created…the predefined roles are some basic ones which will help you understand how to bifurcate


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Thanks for the answers, il give those a go !


Let us know for further clarification
If clarified

Cheers @mRob

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