User Not Receiving Invitation Or Verification Email In Automation Hub / Cloud Orchestrator / Cloud Portal

Why would an Automation Hub/Cloud Orchestrator/Cloud Portal email invitation not be received by the invited user and login attempts error out with "invalid username or password" error?

Issue Description: A user has been invited to an Automation Hub / Cloud Orchestrator instance, but they do not receive the invitation and there is no notification of a bounced/rejected email from the client's services, Orchestrator, email server, or otherwise. Removing the user from Automation Hub / Cloud Orchestrator and resending the invitation does not resolve the issue. The user can send / receive other emails without any issue.

Possible Root Causes:
The email API solution used by UiPath, may block a newly-created email address as being an invalid recipient, error 550. Unless that flag is manually reviewed and cleared, all future emails from UiPath products will be blocked.
Another possible cause is that the client's mail setup has restrictions against emails originating from the domain


  1. Check the spam folder of the email box to make sure the invite emails are not being sent there instead of the Inbox mail folder
  2. Try opening the page in an incognito browser window and try to resend the invite again in order to see if the invitation email is received from UiPath
  3. Have the organization confirm with their SMTP provider that emails from are not being bounced or rejected for the affected user. Check if other external emails are being processed for the user as expected
  4. If the email address does not receive any emails from, contact UiPath SRE team for assistance.

Special case to be aware of:
If the client is attempting a first-time registration (therefore, they don't have an organization yet) and the address cannot receive external emails, have them address this issue internally.
After which, you need to engage the SRE team to delete all the entries for the specific email address from Sendgrid.
This is mandatory because once Sendgrid cannot send an email to a specific address, it marks it as "bounced" and even if the client tries again afterwards, all the mail requests will be automatically dropped by Sendgrid.
Therefore, our Sendgrid admins must clear all the entries for the bounced email so that Sendgrid can send emails again.