User Mode Robot - Connection Restriction

Dear Community,

I’m rolling out the UiRobot.exe in user mode within my company. I need to install it with user mode because of some other restrictions. The problem I am facing right now is that when the robot is installed this way the user can access the settings. So he can change the Orchestrator URL and the Machine Key. We don’t want this because it is a major security leak when the user can connect to Orchestrators which are not in our network.

My question is: Can I install the robot in user mode and make the settings only be accessible with admin rights? and if not how would I prevent outgoing connections?

I already tried blocking any outgoing connection with the Proxy but since the connection protocol is https I don’t really get any other information than the destination… and blacklisting known Orchestratos (like is not really a solution.

Anybody with a similar situation? Or am I wrong seeing this as a security problem?

Hi @BobBuilder

In the cases were Forum did not provide a quick solution, you can always contact our support for assistance :slight_smile:

Thank you, I did. Still no satisfying answer till now, but we’re working on it :wink:

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