User Interface Automation with StudioX - The RPA Challenge

It was fun and pretty straight forward to complete this challenge. The use of excel for each row works it’s magic.

Struggled at first because I first tried to do it with one row then add the for each row function. Started from Scratch with the for each row function and nailed it!

Hi there, I used the For Each Excel Row function and the flow worked at first run with 100% success rate. As the anchors were already available, I couldn’t get the point where the challenge part was! But, thanks anyway for the great tutorial.
With best regards to all…

I enjoyed this challenge but I have one question when Creating the project as did as RPA original challenge its success ratio was 100% but I did with RPA modified my success ratio to 11% only 8 out of 70 anyone explain this to me

This was fun, and figuring out how to use the row iteration function was a nice add on.

That was fun and worked from the beginning.
With the first run, it took 122356 milliseconds to complete. That was kind of slow.
So I changed the Input Mode to “Simulate”.
With that, it sped up the process significantly: Only 49544 milliseconds the :slight_smile:

I was able to complete the Original and Modified RPA Challenges. The Original was actually a little harder because I accidently included the header row when iterating through the Challenge Spreadsheet and wasn’t sure how to exclude it but I eventually figured out I had to check the ‘Has Header’ checkbox to make it work.

I find the UI Automation was pretty smart in finding the right targets and anchors no matter where the fields were on the page and I didn’t require using the image selection option in Edit Mode. Very good exercise!

With the Original challenge, you are purposely entering the first row (John Smith) for each submission because of the ‘Repeat Number of Times’ action. I thought it would be 7 out of 70 because only the first row would be correct but then I looked at the spreadsheet and saw the ‘Doug Derrick’ row has the same ‘Role in Company’ (Analyst) as John Smith so it’s should be 8 out of 70.

So you are on the right track. Sorry for the late reply but I just starting doing these course this month (June 2022)

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Okay thank you for explanation

Hey Bhupesh, you might have solved it by now. I would recommend using the targets and anchors as suggested from the default UI framework until you get to the submit button. Anchoring this target to the above blue field “RPA Challenge” works pretty well.