User Interface Automation with StudioX - The RPA Challenge

It took me three tries to solve this but eventually got it. I had the type into Browser in my nested in Excel for each row, It was clicking into the browser twice for each input. Didn’t need it, deleted it and everything worked flawlessly. Great exercise. Really enjoyed this!! :slight_smile:

I was able to resolve the challenge, but I just used the normal label as the anchor. What I couldn’t do is open the solutions provided. Lots of things missing, is this because I am using the community version?

Challenge completed after several attemps

I was unable to complete this challenge on my work computer as the website was flagged as unsafe due to an invalid certificate. Luckily, I have StudioX installed on my personal PC and was able to complete there.

Um… i can’t access Rpa Challenge … is it on maintenance or something?

For the RPA challenge on User Interface Automation with StudioX the website is not available anymore.

Me neither! Is the link going to be fixed?

I’m having the same issue as some others above. The link to returns a 404 error.

Hello, we’re working on fixing the official link. Until then, use the website.
Sorry for the inconvenience. :pensive:

I managed to complete this by going into the anchor settings for each click activity and changing the image selection accuracy all the way to 1 which gave me 100% validation success and 70 out of 70 fields on the challenge.

Try starting with chrome open already as it returns to the state the desktop was in when the process finishes. Hope that helps. :slight_smile: :grinning:

Happy New Year!

This course was great. I was thrown off by the rpa challenge though, because I thought, based on the course material, anchors would play a more crucial role, such as using an anchor for the Start button. I was able to complete the challenge using anchors only for fields and not on either of the buttons.

I was able to successfully complete this project with ease, thanks to excellent tutorials within the unipath academy!