User Interface Automation with StudioX - Generate a Strong Password

Works perfectly !


I am getting an error message “Robot does not exist” when click on run. I’ve double-checked my automation against the solution and its exactly the same. Has anyone else had this problem?

Never mind, I got it to work.

How to clear the NotePad on each run? If the NotePad is open and has the previous data then its appending the data.

I had notepad open before I began, then used alt+tab to switch to notepad and was able to select it!

I have paused the recording and open manually notepad but unfortunately the recorder cannot detect notepad and they said you have to switch in the recorder but this does not allowed me to do so. even though i found it in different way.
it turns out that i have to open another (use application) and this detect notepad then it all went well.

You can just click on properties and there´s an closing option

Check the picture :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

You need to also tab off the field so it registers the updated value.

Anyone faced confusing step like you want to change an application to Notepad. No need to pause or anything else. Just open both of applications together and click change application in the recorder. It is the easiest way:


to select all and delete before paste

I do not see the button to change app in the App/Web Recorder while recording.
Have I got a different version of uiPath than shown in the tutorials?
I installed on 19 Feb 2021


Yes, apparenttly UIPATH works with other applications, but these must be open before, so , we have to take account

Hi Were you able to figure your issue? I don’t see any option for that as I have 20.10.9 version. Wish they had updated the solution.

I had two issues, (1) I didn’t have the button to switch applications so I paused the recorder then opened up the notepad and starting recording again. (2) When I click the copy to clipboard button, it does not copy to my clipboard so the Ctrl+V doesn’t work. I tried to select the value and copy but I couldn’t get the application to recognize the target, even when using an anchor. Any ideas on a workaround when it doesn’t copy to clipboard?

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