User Exists Activity not working properly when check user by is 'sAMAccountName'

I want to check whether a user exists in active directory or not. I am using user exist activity from activedirectorydomainservices package. As it can be seen from the screenshot i am using sam account name option as i only have samaccount information. but this always returns false and user is there in the active directory in the location shown in the image. but when i use check by common name then it gives true but i dont have common name information.


@Pablito do have any insights about this?

Hi @rameezimtiaz,
Try to use “Username(1).ToString”.

this did’t work but i managed to do it some other way.

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@Pablito can u check another issue in facing.

please let me know how did you fix this samAccount Exist check issue. I have a use case to implement urgently

yes i was able to do it

Hi Rameez. Can you please let me know the solution or fix? my email id

yes sure. im emailing you