User Events not working with a menu in Chrome

Hi, I am relatively new to this tool and I have very basic coding skills. I’ll try to be as clear as possible:

WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO: From RWS Moravia (an online localization platform an editor), I want to trigger a series of actions (which I will record later) when I click on this UI element:


However, when trying to do this with User Events > On Click Element, the focus is on the whole page and not on single UI elements:

UIPath Chrome extension has been installed. How can I solve this? Thank you very much!

Select item

Hi @AntonioM87,

Try to uninstall the chrome extension, close all the session of chrome from task manager and install chrome extension again.

If still there is a selector issue you can use send hot keys,

use click image on Document after it clicks, use typeinto and use “down” 4 times to reach to Bilingual Docx and enter.



You can use Computer Vision activities also.

Thanks everyone for the answers, I think I’ll try with Select Item first, as it seems the simplest method.

If anyone else had the same issue, feel free to post your solutions. Thanks!