User Credentails (Login Password) dynamic

Hi everyone,

Query related login - password. For example, what if, I want to logged - in on one of the social media websites. So is there any way to login on that websites as dynamic? Or else what if I want to use windows credentials? Then how should I achieve that? Thanks in advance.

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Hey @ddpadil,

But it is fixed user id password. I already read it before too. But in that link its showing that it has added credentials through ‘Add Credential’ Activity. I don’t want to add from there.



Ho do you wanted to add the credentials?

Oh sorry my bad. Actually what I understood from the link is, it is just adding a user name and password and it is getting it in other activity through Get Credential. But I just done it through practically and its been updated in the credential manager. Got it. So if I want to login on any application, for example, uipath. Then I need to update it to the credential manager , right!

Right on pal.Secured and right approach.:handshake:

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