Usecase for Bulk Add Queue Items Activity Output


Could anyone please let me know the Usecase for Bulk Add Queue Items Activity
Output Result ?


We have some processes where an external system runs a report overnight and in the morning we are emailed a csv list of work items. Rather than separately adding each to the queue we can use the bulk add to add all of the items to the queue in one go.

Thanks for the update Daniel…

But my doubt is not how to use the activity “Bulk Add QueueItems” but to know how to use and where to use the output in Properties Panel of Bulk Add QueueItems.

Sorry, I misread your original post. You could use the output to log which items were uploaded to the queues, you could write it to a csv or an excel file in case the business wants/needs to audit the robot’s work.

Could you please send a sample xaml for the above mentioned doubt.

Just use Write Range or Write CSV and pass in your outputDt variable. It will show any errors that occurred during the process.

Please let us know how to get an error while adding to queue as a bulk with an example