Use VLookup function


I want to use Vlookup value to bring DivName column if the Cost Center is match
But it not working if i check Exact match box ,but when i unchecked it work but it bring wrong value

Please advise,

Hello @Mariam_Al_Ashwan ,

Please make sure that within the excel files, the data from the “Cost Center” column has the same format type (‘Number’ or "Text’).

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Still not working

@Mariam_Al_Ashwan ,

The “Cost Center” column must be before your search columns.
Currently, within your excel files, the “Cost Center” column are on columns E, respectively I, while the “DivName” column are on B and E.

Please move “Cost Center” column at column A. In order for the VLOOKUP formula to work (no mater that it is excel, or UiPath), the search index column must be situated before the column you are searching for a result.

Hope it helps!
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Hello @Mariam_Al_Ashwan

As per my understanding, you can read the excel and use the vlookup activity to search in the range instead of a loop.


Thank you soo much it’s working now.i really appreciate your clear explanation

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