Use variable value as variable name elsewhere?

Hi all,

Is it possible to use the value of a variable as a variable name elsewhere at all in an assign action?

For example:

// Set up a variable called myBookand assign it the value “anotherBook”
myBook: String = “anotherBook”
// Set up another variable called anotherBook and assign it the value of “”
anotherBook: String = “”
// Using the value of myBook (“anotherBook”), assign a value to that variable
myBook.value = “A Tale of Two Cities”
// anotherBook variable now has the value of “A Tale of Two Cities”

Let’s go by step by step and what you have done is fine but with small corrections
— first assign activity
str_anotherbook = str_mybook
Where both str_anotherbook and str_mybook are variable and not values
And default value of str_anotherbook is “” defined in the variable panel

—next another assign activity
str_mybook = “A Tale of two cities”

—now this will become cell by reference
So whenever variable str_anotherbook is called its value would be like “A Tale of two cities”

Cheers @adam.williamson