Use "Use Application/Browser" to open a new window, but failed to capture the screen shot in new window

when use “Use Application/Browser” + mouse scroll + click, it opens a new browser window, I need to capture a screen in the new window, but it turns back to the original window, and after 30 seconds it shows below info, why does it happen?

Message: Could not find the user-interface (UI) element for this action.

Possible solutions:
• Ensure application is opened and the UI element is visible on the screen at execution time
• Edit the Target of the UI activity and use Validation to debug the issue.
• If needed, re-indicate the element as its properties might have changed
• Use “Check state” activity to check the application state before executing the action
• Increase the “Delay before” value to allow time to the application to render entirely and become responsive

I am having this issue as well. To me it seems the modern activity “Use Application/Browser” is intuitive up to the point interactions in the scope start spawning other instanced popups. Short of using the Classic activities “Use Browser” and “Attach Browser” exclusively for use cases where this happens, I have not found a way to resolve this.

after it opens new window , can you use another use application/browser to capture new window first?

This seems to be the answer. I thought I had tried this but missed moving the other use app/browser activity completely outside the scope of the other one.

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