Use Updated UiPath.Microsoft365.Activities (Not Classic)

I am trying to send an email from a bot using the ‘UiPath.Microsoft365.Activities’ Send Email activity.
This activity does not sit within an Office 365 scope like the classic version.
How do I give Orchestrator access to 2 non-admin mailboxes (will call these A and B)?

When I try to set up a connection, a non-admin account results in the app asking me to log in with an admin account instead, but logging in with an admin account means that I cannot send emails which come from either A or B mailboxes.

I have created an app in the AD tenant but UiPath does not seem to be trying to connect via this but rather trying to create a connection from scratch.

What can I do to solve this?


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In office365 integration services chamge the authentication method…which supports adding out own app as well…did you happen to change the authentication ?


Hello @matt.theisen

  1. Create an App Registration in Azure AD.
  2. Get the Application ID and Client Secret.
  3. Add the required API permissions for sending emails.
  4. Configure the Send Email activity in UiPath with the Client ID, Client Secret, and other details.
  5. Test the workflow to send emails from the non-admin mailboxes.

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Thanks for this - solution was using BYOA which I had not previously seen as an option.

Video resource here on the Azure AD configuration with the new authentication type as well as the link mentioned by Anil in their comment.


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