Use Two excel files in REFramework

Hi ,

I have 2 excel files, i need :

  • Read the first excel then save column data in list
  • Read the second excel then save column data in list
  • Then compare excel 1 data with excel 2 data.
  • After that compare excel 2 data with excel 1 data.

if it is possible to use REFramework ?


You can use this Re-framework for the Excel files

Hope this will help you


Hi @Teaf ,

Depending on your requirements, you can build that logic in the “Process” and in order to only run it once, you can change the following condition:

Workflow: GetTransactionData.xaml

  • out_TransactionItem isNot Nothing Change to in_TransactionNumber = 1
  • This will allow the bot to enter the process only once.

Then inside the process, you can perform the comparisons. On the post below, you’ll find 2 LINQ Queries to compare DataTables, that would suit your needs

  • You might need to modify them a bit due to different requirements

Hope it helps!