Use the credentials of signed in user


Is there a way by which UiPath can make use of the credentials of the user who’s already logged in.



I think it’s not possible. We can read username but password is not possible.

Do one thing, store credentials in windows credentials manager or orchestrator assets and make use of that.

I’ve already implemented the solution using windows credentials manager. Wondering if I can make use of users credentials directly.


We can get username of that machine but we didn’t get password.
Normally how you will find password of logged in user of that machine ?

Hi @waheebc,

If there was a way to get the password of a login user from uipath, then uipath will get into problem for compliance issues.

By the way is there any scenario in your project you want to perform this operation.

Yes I do understand that. My intention is to somehow use that user’s session to login into applications like email etc. That way the user doesn’t have to save the credentials in the credential manager and also not worry about password expiry etc.

Hi @waheebc,

So how many applications like gmail, you have to login with the same credentials as signed in user.

If the credentials are same for different applications, can’t the user store a single credential in credential manager and access the same credentials each time for different applications.

If there is a way to use the user’s session to login into different applications, then that method is not reliable.