Use string variable inside another variable name

Hey! I don’t know if this is possible… I’m looping in a do-while in which there is a take screenshot activity. I want a variable for each screenshot. So is it possibleto put in the output of the take screenshot: varScreenshot and then add to the name a number. So after three screenshots I can Have three variables: varScreenshot1 ,varScreenshot2 ,varScreenshot3.

I can create the variables, so the only thing that I want is to add a string variable to the other variable name. For example: (“varScreenshot” + intNum.ToString) where intNum is going to be 1 and I will increment it each loop.

I want (“varScreenshot” + intNum.ToString) to be a variable name.


for this you should use a list and not variables…


For having any number of screenshots to be stored and retrived later , You can go for a list or array.

Store the screenshot with some VariableName with Timestamp if you want.

Later , we can retrieve the screenshots with any reference and can be used .