Use string operations in a list of URLS

Hi Team,

Please help on the below scenario.

I Have captured the data ‘Person/1527’ in an excel.

and i also have the below URL’.

Please show me how to delete ModulePeopleIndex/0’.from the url and replace with Person/1527.

Like ‘

Thanks in advance for your help.

For each of the url
Use regex to remove the text and then use the concat function of the string to merge the cells
use replace function to replace the text.

Let us know if this helps,
Pavan H

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@johnvr1990 Is the “ModulePeopleIndex/0” always present in the URL and you want to replace only that or is it that you need to Replace the last two words in the URL ?

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Yes “ModulePeopleIndex/0” is always present, and i want to replace

@johnvr1990 Then you can just use Replace method in this way :