Use row above in "Get Row Item"?

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How to get previous row in fuction “Get Row Item”?

Hey @chrestick

Will you please be so kind to tell me what property u are using with Get Row Item ?
I guess the problem you are facing that you are getting next row item because you are passing a column index with 1? is it?

if so then pass it with 0 index or you can use “column name” property as well.

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Hi aksh )

My task to read Excel files and make an Email. In Excel there are many colored rows. I check the color of A column for each row and if the row with needed color, I get info from some columns (Name, Date and others). After that I will design Emails.

But I faced a problem: “Get Row Item” after “If” function got the row below, not checked. But it works if “If” function is not used.
For instance I check the cell A5 with needed color, “Get Row Item” give me the right info (without condition). If I use “If”, “While”, “Dowhile” for checking color it gives me the info from the 6 row (



I solved my problem with DataTable.Rows(rowindex - 2)


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